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—  Optimize your social media with great content and even greater images

Images for fascinating content 

Imagery has to speak to what keeps your customers up at night
— Mark Potter, Art Director for the Flow

Content marketing is about creating fashionating, interesting and relevant content on the target audience’s terms. Content which the target group wants to share because it provides value. Achieving this requires a content strategy, knowledge and understanding of the target group and editorial skills with a great visual concept.

Get help to use the right visuals. The graphic elements you incorporate should do more than illustrate a point. They should create a compelling message for your audience through a visual medium. Visuals should add to, not just replace, words. I want your visuals to make the readers shake their heads in knowing agreement or understanding your point, but wanting to ask questions.

In order to get that attention, it´s important to use images strategically. When implemented properly, images can complement and enhance your content, catch the interest of new readers, and improve your chances of getting found through organic searches.